Feb 8, 2012

keeping it Alive

the deeper, further i go through this road, there are lots of things that i had to leave behind, and a lot of things that i have to pick up.
things that i loved doing, things that i enjoyed, i had to abandon. on the other hand, things that i thought of as a pain, waste of time, and boring, i had to bring myself to do. still struggling on both >_<;
oh well, [2:216]. all  things that you deem good are not always good for you, and vice versa. Allah knows best.
 i took a pledge to believe in the alQuran, so not following and adhering to it's contents would be blasphemy. wow ok that was heavy. Dx

i guess this is what you call "mujahadah", or struggle. struggle against one's worldly desires, struggle against the cruel and miserly. the struggle to become a better muslim.

when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. *music intro

to get through these tough times, there's one particular part in our body that needs to be extra strong. once that certain part is strong and well, every other body parts will become strong too, as a result.
what body part could that be? doesn't sound like it exists. some medical students might say. ahha

"...know that within each body of man lies a lump of blood when it is pure, then the whole body will be pure but when it is impure, then the whole body will be impure. know, that it is the heart." [6th hadith out of 40, Bukhari and Muslim]

yes, that body part exists, it's the heart.
keep it alive and well, and you'll have a pure body and soul. follow Allah's orders and stay away from whatever that's been restricted. that's not all, staying away from "syubhah"(things neither identified as halal nor haram) is important to keep our hearts alive.
istiqamah, constant prayers, zikr are important too.

keeping it alive and well, instead of dead and empty is quite a task. but as they say, good things never come easy, so know that at the end, something good will be rewarded. something reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally good. redha Allah is something much more sweeter than a 10 tonne cake. err..

keep in mind, dear. "a heart that is alive is the only heart that can give life to a dead heart"
may our hearts be lively ones. yoshh!


  1. nice blog.

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    1. thanks sebab singgah ^^ insyaAllah~