Feb 8, 2012

keeping it Alive

the deeper, further i go through this road, there are lots of things that i had to leave behind, and a lot of things that i have to pick up.
things that i loved doing, things that i enjoyed, i had to abandon. on the other hand, things that i thought of as a pain, waste of time, and boring, i had to bring myself to do. still struggling on both >_<;
oh well, [2:216]. all  things that you deem good are not always good for you, and vice versa. Allah knows best.
 i took a pledge to believe in the alQuran, so not following and adhering to it's contents would be blasphemy. wow ok that was heavy. Dx

i guess this is what you call "mujahadah", or struggle. struggle against one's worldly desires, struggle against the cruel and miserly. the struggle to become a better muslim.

when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. *music intro

to get through these tough times, there's one particular part in our body that needs to be extra strong. once that certain part is strong and well, every other body parts will become strong too, as a result.
what body part could that be? doesn't sound like it exists. some medical students might say. ahha

"...know that within each body of man lies a lump of blood when it is pure, then the whole body will be pure but when it is impure, then the whole body will be impure. know, that it is the heart." [6th hadith out of 40, Bukhari and Muslim]

yes, that body part exists, it's the heart.
keep it alive and well, and you'll have a pure body and soul. follow Allah's orders and stay away from whatever that's been restricted. that's not all, staying away from "syubhah"(things neither identified as halal nor haram) is important to keep our hearts alive.
istiqamah, constant prayers, zikr are important too.

keeping it alive and well, instead of dead and empty is quite a task. but as they say, good things never come easy, so know that at the end, something good will be rewarded. something reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally good. redha Allah is something much more sweeter than a 10 tonne cake. err..

keep in mind, dear. "a heart that is alive is the only heart that can give life to a dead heart"
may our hearts be lively ones. yoshh!

Feb 3, 2012

Why I fell in LOVE with him.

because, he is....














full of humility


full of gratitude






a leader

perfect in many ways

loved even by his enemies

with all these awesome traits, who DOESN'T love him? *deep sigh

oh, who am i talking about?

Muhammad saw of course.

Narated By 'Abdullah bin Hisham : We were with the Prophet and he was holding the hand of 'Umar bin Al-Khattab. 'Umar said to Him, "O Allah's Apostle! You are dearer to me than everything except my own self." The Prophet said, "No, by Him in Whose Hand my soul is, (you will not have complete faith) till I am dearer to you than your own self." Then 'Umar said to him, "However, now, by Allah, you are dearer to me than my own self." The Prophet said, "Now, O 'Umar, (now you are a believer)." [Bukhari]

Jan 31, 2012

Educated by Allah

Bukalah hatimu untuk ditarbiyyah oleh Allah~


in arabic it would be "tarbiyyah", in bahasa it's "mendidik". if i'm not mistaken la. "Open your heart to be educated by Allah" (bukalah hatimu untuk ditarbiyyah oleh Allah), these few words really hit me.
Tarbiyyah is different for each individual, and i got a taste of my own recently.
i just got back to my hometown after about an hour on the train, where i took a wrong step, and fell. yes, i fell. again. before this, i tripped at a restaurant, creating a bit of a fuss there. no damage was done but ya Allah i was so embarrassed. after a lot of thinking(muhasabah), i realised that, Allah was teaching me. "Don't be boastful!" He warned.
i felt so ashamed of myself. i held back tears not wanting to show it to my ayahanda. more to that, ayahanda pointed out that our little gathering(daurah) sounds a bit illegal. all the more reason why tears to pool in my eyes.

speaking of which...

the gathering was seriously osem! it's actually called mukhayyam(camping) but we didn't really camp, instead we stayed one night in a dorm. :) the place was called Teratak Riverview, situated by Sungai Bernam, the river that divides Selangor and Perak. and masyaAllah, the place was beautiful. Subhanallah, seeing it makes you fall in love with it's Creator. seriously.

i took my first dip in a river here! wee!

we started off our circle of happiness(bulatan gumbira) by studying the Quran, surah at-Taubah, verse 38-47. here are the verses that we were told to memorise:

O you who have believed, what is [the matter] with you that, when you are told to go forth in the cause of Allah , you adhere heavily to the earth? Are you satisfied with the life of this world rather than the Hereafter? But what is the enjoyment of worldly life compared to the Hereafter except a [very] little. (9:38)

Go forth, whether light or heavy, and strive with your wealth and your lives in the cause of Allah . That is better for you, if you only knew. (9:41) credit 

why were these verses chosen? hmhmm... that's because, those traits are what makes Quranic Generation!

Quranic Generation? ._.?
the Quranic Generation is the generation where, life is lived wholly by the teachings of the Quran ONLY. 

living by the Quran means, leaving all the time-wasting, heart-darekening(?), sin-collecting Jahiliyyah.
 living by the Quran means, sleeping, eating, breathing, do everything in the name of Allah.

and what traits? ._____.??

the Quranic Generation is the kind of generation that..

depends only on Allah
If Allah should aid you, no one can overcome you; but if He should forsake you, who is there that can aid you after Him? And upon Allah let the believers rely. (3:160)

in everything they(we) do, they maintain their tawakkal and dependence on Allah and Allah only.
not on senseis, on parents, on bosses or whatsoever. just Allah. feels content just by knowing Allah is there. always :)

holds firmly and strictly on Islamic principles
everything is done based on their imaan's judgement. kinda like the saying, "tepuk dada tanya iman". like when ur faced with two choices; to go to usrah, or to the movies? that is the question~
example; if your iman is on a high, chances are high that you choose usrah. on the other hand, if ur iman is on the low, you'd choose movies. so...which are you? which am i...? hmm.

loves in the name of Allah

Mu'adh said, "I heard the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, say, 'Allah, the Mighty and Exalted, says, "Those who love one another for My majesty will have minbars of lights. The Prophets and martyrs(people who die in the name of Allah) will envy them."'" [at-Tirmidhi] credit

no, not the kind of love that gets you in trouble(no such thing as loving in the name of Allah in this case, it's the kind of love that makes friendships and family ties stronger.
BUT, in order to get into this beautiful relationship, it starts from ourselves ;) WE are the one who have to reach out to them.

and lastlyy

holds a formidable loyalty to Allah and His messenger
everything is done to please Allah. believe that everything we receive from Allah is the best for us, and is actually a responsibility. an item lent by Allah and is meant to be used wisely. believe that Allah entrusts us with so much blessings, and that He will question how we used it during The Day of Judgement. *shudder


sounds hard, eh? well, you'll never know unless you try, ye dok? ;D
it's a tough process, for both you and i. good things never come easy right?
because my dear friend, the road is bitter and painful because Jannah is oh so sweet <3

Jan 23, 2012

ingin menjadi sebaik2 Muslim?

"takkan nak bertangguh sampai mati kot??" tiba2 hati kecilku menyergah.


Last Friday night, i was startled by two very different news. upon hearing, i felt like a weight had been dumped onto my shoulder. my heart stirred.

one was that, my dear akhawat confessed that she wants to change for the better, the other was another dear akhawat is currently in a relationship.

i was happy and shocked at the same time. alhamdulillah, my dear akhawat wants to love You better ya Allah, please guide her and give me the strength to help her to the end. i wish i could hold her hand now.

but then....

i wanted to scream, i was angry at myself. how could i have missed that? where have i been looking all these while? why didn't i care for you ya ukht?
my time's up now. what should i do ya Allah??


the next day; Saturday.

i was reminded, and it came like a massive slap on my face:
"ingatlah ni'mat-ni'mat yang lepas
agar kesyukuran x dilupai di masa depan"

i had just questioned fate the night before. astaghfirullahalazeem.
like my naqibah said, "it's okay to regret, but don't be too regretful to the point you give up on yourself n Allah."
my heart sighed in relief.

from this day forth, i WILL strive for these:

10 muwasafat tarbiyyah
  • Aqidah yang sejahtera
  • Ibadah yang saheeh
  • Akhlak yang mulia
  • Tubuh yang kuat
  • Bermanfaat kepada orang lain
  • Menjaga masa
  • Pandai mengurus
  • Melawan nafsu
  • Berpengetahuan luas
  • Mampu berdikari/berusaha
once every item has been checked, then i won't have any room for regret. but alas, i'm only human. i make mistakes even if there's room for none.
but through those mistakes, will i turn to Allah for forgiveness and strength. it's human nature ;)

so, have YOU made your checklist? :)

sabda baginda saw,"sebaik-baik Muslim ialah meninggalkan apa yg tak berfaedah baginya"

Sayonara Jahiliyyah!

Jan 19, 2012

Tabidachi no hi ni

alhamdulillah, everyone graduated dengan selamat yesterday.
the two years worth of sweat, tears, laughter, agony, enlightenment, pain, confusion. ahh, that's what i call being a teenager.

tahun ni i'm not a budak belasan tahun anymore.

these two years had been such a ride.

alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah.

semoga ukhuwwah kami berkekalan. member sampai akhirat!

Dec 29, 2011


When i was younger(cehh mcm dh tua), i thought that friendship had no place in my life. i was always jealous of people with their pals, walking side by side laughing together. me? i'm always at the darkest corner you could find. haha *forever alone ;A;

but really, as humans, it's fitrah(human nature) that we need friendship. even the (most awesomest human beings ever to have walked on earth) prophets (as) had friends by their sides, always there to support them. so then, why should i be any different, i thought.

after a lot of thinking, i realised that the reason why i stayed out of friendship was because, i didn't want to lose myself. lose my originality. i was happy being me, the only ME on this planet. i had this desperate need to keep hold of my originality. that's probly cuz i grew up being compared to people better than me, heh. not blaming anyone here though.

at the time, from my observation that is, people who're friends with each other tend to follow each other's traits, habits etc. yeah, it's good if ur friends with a good person, and that goes the other way round too. as for me, i get influenced easily. too easily. >_< at one time, i mixed with the wrong people, and i ended up being a real..uhh..anjing betina. haha.

due to frequent moves, i've experienced one too many seperations from people i was able to call "friends". thanks to that, i gave up one friendship. i just thought that, there's just no room for me in anyone's life.

but now, it's different. alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah. He gave me all these loneliness for a reason, to find Him, and that's what i did. :) i walked to Him, but He ran to me. subhanallah :')

striving on His path, i became friends with people i met only a short while ago. under the roof of Islam, we became really close. through all the usrah, daurah, i experienced a friendship that i don't ever want to give up one, and it's called ukhuwwah fillah. friendship because of Allah. and i love them so much. :)

the awesomeness of this friendship is that, you can tolerate with their attitude knowing that they act that way because Allah is testing our friendship, and that it will most certainly bind us closer in the name of Allah.
it's just so beautiful, i really can't put it into words.

because of ukhuwwah fillah, i was able to wait for a friend, alone at the overcrowded KL central for about an hour without feeling angry or wanting to cry.
because of ukhuwwah fillah, their words of truth, whether they are harsh or heart-warming, become my motivation.
because of ukhuwwah fillah, i can spill my worries and my tears onto them knowing that they'll always enlighten me with words from the Prophet, and from the Quran.
because of ukhuwwah fillah, i feel like i can take over the world together with them.
because of ukhuwwah fillah, i have the courage to take on my fears and my doubts.

because of ukhuwwah fillah, i am truly Allah's servant.

subhanallah, alhamdulillah, allahuakbar!

semoga ukhuwwah ni sentiasa dalam redha Allah taala. amin~

*a special thanks to everyone who knows me. thanks for being apart of my life ^-^

Dec 26, 2011



*cough* wow, it's gotten reaally dusty here. haha.
been a while blog! 'owve ya been? there are lots to catch up on eyh.
yeah, i was lazy. no "i was really busy with my studies, i didn't have time" blah stuff, i was just lazy. simple. :)
reading my past posts, it's kinda funny to think that the person who wrote all that was me. wow. it feels weird looking back at yourself. *muhasabah

so anyways, i came back here for a reason. no, it wasn't because i missed you blog, but i just wanted to get back to writing my thoughts, my realisations, my ideals etc into words so that i won't forget. and i'm doing this, for the sake of Islam. for Allah.

since i'll, insyaAllah, will be going to a different country(read: land of the rising sun), i thought it's be nice idea to share my experiences here. nevertheless, just by being here in Malaysia, by the fushigi power of Allah i was introduced to awesome people with awesome ideas and osem dreams. and we all have the same dream(read: UA) insyaAllah. :)

so yeah, thru lots of daurah and usrah, i see my(our) true purpose of life; to bring back Islam to it's deserved glory. here, i'd like to share some things i learnt, some Quranic verses i was introduced to, in order to realise that dream. our dream.
hope i'll stay strong and tsabat on this path.